1. Send an application to the Controller of Military Accounts (Officers Pension), Bakery Road, Rawalpindi, requesting the office for transfer of pension to Consulate General of Pakistan, Toronto / Ottawa / Montreal / Vancouver, as the case may be, stating that you have permanently relocated to Canada.

  1. Provide a legible copy of your Permanent Residence Certificate/Card and CNIC.

  1. If pension is being paid by a bank of Pakistan, the CMA (OP) will write to the disbursing bank to return all pension documents together with Last Payment Certificate (LPC).

  1. On receipt of pension documents from disbursing bank the CMA(OP) will issue a letter to the Chief Accounts Officer (CAO), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad for payment of pension through Pakistan’s mission abroad.

  1. On receipt of authority from CAO, the Consulate General of Pakistan will disburse pension. The officer concerned has to submit bill to the Consulate General on the format attached as Exhibit ‘A’.

  1. It is advisable to liaise with each office periodically for timely action. Contact numbers of each office are as follows:

a. CMA(OP), Rawalpindi 011 92 51 9270740

b. Dy CMA(OP), Rawalpindi 011 92 51 9270738

c. Chief Accounts Officer,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ISD 011 92 51 9201952

-do- Fax 011 92 51 9224704

  1. Accounts Officer, Consulate

General of Pakistan, Toronto 416 250 1255 Ext: 22

7. The same procedure is required to be followed if pension is to revert and be paid

in Pakistan

Widows Pension

1) NOK or wife to inform CMA (OP), Rawalpindi at the following address along with a Death certificate.

Office of the CMA (OP)

Pension payment Section GP-1,

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

2) CMA (OP) will send forms for completion by NOK with intimation to H.C in Ottawa and the Ministry of Finance who will authorize pension in foreign exchange.

3) The following are eligible for family pension:

a) Wife (if not separated/divorced at the time of death)

b) Elder son below 21 years.

c) Daughter till her marriage.